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Who Can Benefit from Advanced Urine Testing?

Who Can Benefit from Advanced Urine Testing?

Your urine provides your doctor with essential information about your urinary health. Whether you're experiencing symptoms of an infection or you notice blood in your urine, specialized testing allows your doctor to find problems with the simple dip of a stick.

However,advanced urine testing tells you more about your urine flow and how much remains in your bladder after urinating. Certain people can benefit from this cutting-edge treatment.

At NY Urology, our team provides you with several types of urine testing to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

Dr. Chong-Min Kim and Dr. David Shusterman are our two experienced nephrologists offering state-of-the-art diagnostic tests and treatments for various issues within your genitourinary system.

What is advanced urine testing?

Advanced urine testing allows the NY Urology team to evaluate urination and diagnose problems within your urinary system.

Urination is your body's way of eliminating fluids and wastes from your body. It's essential to your health, but various conditions cause urination to slow down or back into your bladder.

Advanced urine testing goes far beyond other urine tests. It's a tool to determine the flow of your urine and how fast your bladder can empty. We can also assess the volume of urine your body puts out at one time.

After urinating, we also check for any leftover urine in your bladder. The test allows us to find any issues within your urinary system that may be causing a blockage, making it harder to empty your bladder fully.

How is it different from a urinalysis?

A urinalysis is very different from advanced urine testing. It tests it for microscopic and chemical aspects to determine if there's a problem. During a urinalysis, our team collects your urine sample.

We also visualize your urine in urinalysis to evaluate the color and concentration of the sample. A urinalysis allows us to test you for various medical conditions, including the following:

Advanced urine testing, however, is more about how your urine flows through your urethra and how quickly your bladder empties. It's less about what's in your urine than the structures that allow your urine to exit your body.

Advanced urine testing is great for certain people, including those who are having problems emptying their bladder or feel as though there's a blockage causing changes in urination.

Candidates for advanced urine testing

Not everyone can benefit from advanced urine testing, but it's an excellent tool for those that need it. If we suspect any of the following problems, you may be a good candidate for advanced urine testing:


Benign prostatic hyperplasia is an enlargement of the prostate in men, typically over 50. The enlarged prostate pushes on the urethra, partially blocking urine flow.

Frequent UTIs

If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, the constant inflammation can lead to scarring in your urethra and permanent damage to your urinary tract, causing problems with urination.

Urinary blockage

A blockage can occur anywhere within your genitourinary system and cause problems emptying your bladder and urinating. Advanced urine testing allows us to see how much the blockage affects your urination.

Rule out cancer

Certain types of cancer can affect the genitourinary system and lead to problems urinating and fully emptying the bladder.

Neurogenic bladder

A neurogenic bladder is the result of a neurological problem. If you've ever suffered a spinal cord injury or we suspect a tumor, advanced urine testing tells us a little more about how you're urinating.

If you want to learn more about advanced urine testing, call NY Urology today to make an appointment with our team. You can also book a consultation online using our convenient scheduling tool.

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